I spend every hour just going through the motions
I can’t even get the emotions to come out
Dry as a bone but I just wanna shout

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I think I need a sunrise.: Maybe in another universe, I deserve you.


What if, in another universe, I deserve you?

Hear me out. There’s this philosopher from the 1890s named William James, and he coined this theory about “the multiverse” which suggests that a hypothetical set of multiple universes comprises everything that can possibly exist simultaneously.



We survived.
From red heads and full bangs, 
from pierced tongue and broken hearts,  
from long hair and lonely nights, 
from longing touches and bittersweet kisses,
from lost temper,
harsh words,
and forgotten promises. 

Even after through the best,
the worse,
and the worse comes to worst, 
you know you still got me.
Should I be sorry?
But I love you. 
So even after all those times,
all through the pain
and confusion, 

of course not. 
Definitely, not. 

Because what is to become of chances I won’t take?
Of feelings never expressed?
Of words never said?
Of my love for you never proved?
Just regrets,
and painful looking backs,
and endless could have beens.

Something I couldn’t bear to happen.
So while we’re still at it,
while I could still hold your hand
and take snap shots with you,
on a rainy evening,
inside this coffee shop, 
I’d take all chances I can
Because I know,
there wouldn’t be one,
quite like this
ever again. 

Thanks for such a perfect day. What can I say? You’re the best coffee date ever. ;) Almost 3 years with you, love. I could still go on forever. 




dont fucking cry

Nope, I’m gonna cry.

I just have like..a continent in my eye, or a maple tree.

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